Friday, April 19, 2024

Ancient Indian Goddess Fashion Show Event 2024!

Greetings from Matt J. Doyle, a member of the eZWay Family & user of a successful eZWayi Profile!

I will be attending Ancient Indian Goddess Fashion Show Event @ The Sheraton in Garden Grove Orange County on Saturday April 20th 2024!

Members of the eZWay Family will be attending including myself.

I will be doing TAP Interviews for the Internet & eZWay TV Network on the red carpet where attendees achieved valuable media exposure & IMDb Credits!

Getty Images, Other Patrons & Influential People attended as well! The event also featured speakers & Musicians.

It is a great chance to network & be photographed & Interviewed, again while picking up valuable exposure & IMDb Credits!

Team eZWay is currently working on some big productions coming up with Dream Cinema's Rayster Michaels, Film Director Walter Franks, Film producer Katherin Kovin Pacino & Hollywood Producers myself & my friend Pat Qin.

This will be another amazing eZWay event invite, where attendees & eZWay Family members were able to continue to benefit their success and connect with the best the eZWay!

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We appreciate your support!

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Thank you and may God Bless you!

Best regards,

Matt J. Doyle
eZWay Network

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