Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year New Blog!

Happy New Year, all my friends! It’s been such an exciting month that I can’t believe that we’re already 30 days into 2011. My resolution in the New Year is to make every day a JOYFUL one! I have to orchestrate my thoughts, words and actions in the most positive way on a daily basis. One of the keys is to choose my view and people around me.

I believe that our experiences are much less important than how we choose to think about them. The way we interpret our experiences shapes our beliefs about the past. Furthermore, our interpretations either limit or enable our future success. When we change the way we look at things, things change the way they look. We also need to control our own internal weather, like a thermostat, instead of absorbing the conditions and circumstances around us. Hot or cold outside, we can set our thermostat to 72 degrees and it maintains our house at that temperature whether it’s a cold night in Chicago or a hot summer day somewhere in Texas.

In the same token, we can set our own internal thermostats to “joy” and choose a positive view.

How we choose to interpret those facts is where we can shape our future. Am I a failure? Or, am I a superstar in the making who is learning some tough lessons that will help ensure success on the next project when our true colors will show? Facts are facts, but the view we take is our choice.

If we find ourselves having a negative thought, shout out loud “STOP!”, and replace it with a positive thought. It is very important because this can actually enable us to hear ourselves controlling our own thinking. Long ago, I have decided to choose a more positive view so that I could have responded with a better action. Nothing changed except our interpretation of the facts. We could always substitute gratitude for anger and change our mind for good.

Set our internal thermostat on “joy” today. The choice is OURS.
Moving on. This week I’ve been working on the production of Episode 3, “The Artist’s Process” web series. Thus far I’m pretty pleased with the progress. This episode will be release on Feb 17th, and I’m confident it’ll be ready for its big opportunity. Well, we’ll see. I’m loving the challenge of stretching our creative muscles.

Thus far 2011 is shaping up to be a big year. In addition to receiving new representation theatrically and commercially, I’ll be working with the production team taking the web series to a higher level.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me. What’s new in your world? Any 2011 events that you’re looking forward to?

Till next time,

Matt J. Doyle aka Matt Doyle or Matthew Doyle!