Saturday, January 28, 2023

Stephen Hercy, Batista Gremaud on S:17 E:11. TAP Interviews!

The picture above is of guests Stephen Hercy & Batista Gremaud who will be appearing on Season Seventeen, Episode Eleven of TAP Interviews Web, TV Show Series Promoting their new Show Dr. Fitness USA!

This will be a live stream event, being recorded & going live on Facebook, YouTube & eZWay TV. It will be streamed live @ 11:00 am (PST/USA) time on Sunday 02/05/2023. On Facebook Platform, as well as YouTube Platform, & eZWay TV.

STEPHEN HERCY, aka Dr Fitness USA is an International Body Designer, No 1 Best Selling Author, an co-host of Dr Fitness USA’s show. He holds the prestigious Professeur De Culture Physique Weider title, certified by the IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding

Dr Fitness USA is the creator of the Body Design Formula strength training protocol, and a recognized professional empowerment speaker as a pioneer for his successful work with pain management and postural realignment.

BATISTA GREMAUD, CEO of Dr Fitness USA and Dr Fitness International, a strength training expert, producer and host of “The Dr Fitness USA Show”, No1 Best Selling author of "Feminine Body Design, and co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online prescription strength training system.

Batista is a featured writer. Her articles have been published in the Heart of Hollywood Magazine, The Los Angeles Tribune Magazine, The Authority Magazine, and In the Limelight with Clarissa

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Dr Finess USA Website!

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

LA Runway Fashion Week 2022, eZWay, TAP Interviews!

Greetings from Matt J. Doyle, a member of the eZWay Family & user of a successful eZWay Wall of Fame Profile!

I recently attended,LA Runway Fashion Week 2022 Event @ Famecast Media 1533 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404 on Friday October 28th 2022!

Members of the eZWay Media Family attended including James Zuley & myself.

I was doing TAP Interviews for the Internet & eZWay TV Network on the red carpet where attendees achieved valuable media exposure & IMDb Credits!

Other Patrons & Celebs were there as well. Including Film Producers, Directors, Actors, Artists, Writers, Celebrities, Realtors & other Influential People!

It was a great chance to network & be Professionally photographed & Interviewed, again while picking up valuable exposure & IMDb Credits!

Team eZWay is currently working on some big productions coming up with Dream Cinema's Rayster Michaels, Film Director Walter Franks, Film producer Katherin Kovin Pacino & Hollywood Producers myself & my wife Patricia Doyle.

This was another amazing eZWay event invite, where attendees & eZWay Wall of Fame members were able to continue to benefit their success and connect with the best the eZWay!

Following is eZWay TAP Interviews full Google Photo Album from the event.

eZWay TAP Interviews Google Photo Album!

Following is eZWay TAP Interviews video playlist from the event!

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