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How do real estate or (realtor) agents hold a successful open house?

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I hope you're doing well today! So the question for this article is, how do real estate or (realtor) agents hold a successful open house?

If you are a new real estate agent or just considering becoming one, one of the aspects of the business is holding open houses for real estate listings. The listings may be yours or other agents listings. One of the first things you need to do is obtain a lockbox key app for your cell phone, so you are able to get the key when you want to unlock the premises or property, as most agents or brokers use supra lock boxes. You can obtain this from your local board of realtors after you are become a licensed agent.

The next step is to market your upcoming open house. There are several ways you can do this. What I usually do is create openhouse flyers and doorknock the surrounding area around the open house address the day before the open house, talking to residents and handing out, or leaving flyers at houses that are not occupied by their owners. Up to a couple of days before I usually cold call the surrounding area by phone as well. If you make contact with people by phone you can ask them if they have a pen handy to take down the necessary info. If they don't answer the phone, however have voicemail set up you can leave them a message with all the necessary details, such as the address of the open house as well as date and times you will be holding the open house.

The next step is to create flyers to hand out at the actual open house. You can create flyers by using one of the websites you get when you become an agent and start working with a broker. Once you have printed out the flyers you can take them to the house and leave them somewhere easily reachable to give to prospects that visit your open house. It is also a good idea to bring plenty of your business cards to your open house as well.

Furthermore you will need to obtain some open house signs to place in the areas around your house address. You will need to ask your collegues for signs, or partner up with an agent or broker that already has signs. You will need at least six or more signs to help you hold a successful open house. Be sure to place the signs all pointing in the right direction, and situated in the best places to drive traffic to your open house. It helps to map out the area before you put out the signs, so you can work out the best placement strategy.

Other successful marketing strategies include setting up a Facebook page with posts of some pics, videos and other details about the open house, you can boost these posts as well. In addition you can post videos on YouTube or other platforms too. Personally I have held several successful open houses following these strategies. Other important things to do are to dress well, wearing your nametag badge if you have one. It is also very important to secure the prospects name, phone number, and email address for future contact. It is also a good idea to write down their particular needs and wants regarding real estate. I hope you have found this article helpful, please be sure to check back for other articles on this subject in the nearest future.

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