Friday, January 31, 2014

Hollywood Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur writes for January 2014!

Hi there!

January 2014 was another great month. I worked on my acting career, life, and all of my endeavors. I also spent more time with my family and friends.

My Wife and I had previously planned and booked airline tickets for a trip to China, to visit family and friends. We left on January 15th and landed in Beijing after first flying to Canada, then changing flights. We stayed in Beijing for one week on an exclusive tour. We had a great time visiting many attractions including The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and The Great Wall. It was an amazing experience!

After Beijing we flew to Guangzhou, and then caught a bus to Patricia's Hometown Zhongshan. We stayed for one week catching up with family & friends. It was great to catch up and see them all!

Meanwhile I hope life continues to treat you well!

Until next time…

Thank you for visiting,

Matt J. Doyle