Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends,

We have much to be grateful for.

I will get to spend Thanksgiving again with my family - with my wife in Las Vegas, at the buffet with our usual fully stuffed turkey and a great variety of food.

I don’t usually cook family dinner myself on Thanksgiving. So I am particularly thankful for the fact that I can just be with my wife and family and not be trying to coordinate the cooking times for dishes and food items.

It’s great to get a couple of days off and away from the set. I will eat a hearty meal, go for a walk, get to watch football on TV, play slots for fun - and simply enjoy the day. To be recharged for the upcoming pilot season.

But this blog isn’t about my turkey blast.

This week, I am celebrating the success of a new set of headshots, the preview of “iCarly – iStart a Fan War” on 11/19/10...and a kickoff of Episode I of our creative production of web series “The Artist’s Process”, another year of continuous progress for my acting career...and my life.

Continuous support from you makes a real difference in my life. I am grateful to all your support to both my fan site and "The Artist's Process".

I hope all of you, my friends will be sitting down to have Thanksgiving turkey with your families and spend a quality time together.

I hope I can provide more fun & laughter to you through our web series or my performances on TV or films.

I’ve been praying for more leading roles in TV/Film and I know that it will happen in any minute.

I am thankful that I am blessed with the resources and the ability and the focus to do the things that I am doing to make a difference in your life every day, every week.

Internet does not have down time. We are never off duty. It is truly a 24/7 world. Through the web series "The Artist Process", we get to provide you with fun and laughter every minute of every day -- and that is a good thing to be able to do.

So, have a wonderful thanksgiving with friends and family and loved ones. For a moment, maybe we should celebrate who we are and what we get to do.

Happy Thanksgiving.