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Upcoming Hollywood Celebrity Red Carpet Event!

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Clear Channel & Vox Media Present THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER!!!

Limousines pulling up to the crowd. Beautiful women in evening gowns on the arms of rockin’ men – whether tuxedo-clad or leather-clad – walking that red carpet. Smiles are tossed at the media, while extreme ‘thanks’ are offered to their allegiance of fans. THIS is the picture in everyone’s mind when it comes to the words ‘red-carpet event!’ And I am about to inform you all of an evening that will light up the night and be remembered as being THE summer event of 2011; the night that the hottest musical talent around took the stage.

Vox Media Management and Clear Channel have joined forces to offer this unforgettable night of talent. The Perfect Storm Showcase will be presented at “Highlands Hollywood” on August 5th. The “Highlands Hollywood” is THE one of a kind nighttime experience featuring some of the best panoramic views in Hollywood. Vox Media and Clear Channel are filling this thirty thousand square foot, multi-level venue – containing “The Highlands Nightclub” – with the ‘best of the best’ in the music industry!

What better location to introduce these amazing artists than a venue that surpasses them all! With sweeping balconies, views of the entire L.A. basin, plush lounges, beautiful indoor/outdoor dining areas, a state of the art sound system, a full size stage with video screens – you name it, “Highlands Hollywood” has it! At 9:00 p.m. on August 5th, the first elaborate show begins. Out on the red carpet, stars galore will fill the area and come out for a night on the town to witness this spectacular show, which begins at 10:30 p.m., to a fanfare, the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Vox Media Management is a full service management team for all artists that was built to prioritize each artist’s individual talent. Vox Media Management inspires, lifts, and provides tools for the change and growth of an artist throughout their career in order to achieve each and every one of their life’s goal. And the Vox Media Management team of beyond talented consultants from several different entertainment companies, with skills that are crucial to the creation, launching, and maintaining of an artist’s career, have outdone themselves! On the night of August 5th, Vox Media Management will place on the “Hollywood Highlands” stage the best of the best including:


Robert DeFinne Dorsey is a one-of-a-kind performer with one hell of a back story. This intriguing artist rose above the mean streets of East Palo Alto with a true, unbridled passion for writing. DeFinne found peace in his life by putting words on paper, and offering his audiences the extreme heart and soul that will be recorded in the annals of music history. DeFinne’s prolific writing style is completely spotlighted by intense, entertaining beats and tracks that caught the vibe, not to mention the ear, of his peers. DeFinne is one man who is not just a fa├žade, a gimmick, or an ‘ego;’ this man is music personified – a complete artist who can claim writer, rapper, producer, and model on his mile-long creative resume. And DeFinne is not alone…

Rob Michaels

Rob Michaels began life in the studio…he’s that good! First a session musician, Rob Michaels signed to a few labels, recorded at every studio from here to London, and came to the realization that – even as a child sitting in his parent’s dusty garage – rock and roll was going to be his world. Now, at 26, Rob Michaels tours with an amazing band backing up his every word! His team released the first EP two years ago on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and CD Baby - and saying it was ‘well received’ would be the biggest understatement of this writer’s career. Currently, Rob Michaels is in the studio with Billie Stevens (from the band “Handsome Devils” and “DINKY” music); as well as, Jeff Abercrombie (the bassist from the world renowned band “Fuel”). The press on The Rob Michaels Band? Let’s just say one press company has put Rob Michael’s ‘name in lights’ stating that, Rob’s music is a unique style of rock and roll that is beyond compare. The passion in his lyrics, singing, and amazing guitar riffs draw the listeners in and have them begging for more!

Vox Media Management isn’t done with their all-star lineup for The Perfect Storm Showcase. This company is based on the belief that their clients’ needs are the most important thing. The entire VMM team believes that their artist’s futures are also their future, and VMM utilizes their over one hundred years of experience in the entertainment industry to provide stunning career development.

Speaking of stunning… The Perfect Storm Showcase is also presenting the “Hollywood Highlands” stage with:

Bombs on the BLVD

This band lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes L.A. In fact, for Bombs on the BLVD, there is no other place on earth to dwell. The city’s rhythms greatly influence the symbiotic sound of this band, and Bombs on the BLVD is a true creation of all the sounds and cultures that its founding members grew up with in Los Angeles. Elements of Latin, hip hop, funk, and hard rock ‘fuse’ effortlessly together to create an undeniable and instantly identifiable sound. Its members: Al “Bax” Baca; Tony “T” Cardenas, “Style”; and, Mark Cervantes, have a true history. Their story of how they met in their youth, and shared a love of music and everything “rock,” begins with them all embarking on music careers separately – with each one finding success in the tough business of touring and recording. After years apart they reconnected – seasoned professionals who are on a mission to bring their own brand of music to the masses.

Want more out of The Perfect Storm Showcase? Then meet:

Tony “T” Cardenas

Tony ‘cut his teeth’ on the road and in the studio with Capitol Records act, “Great White,” in their most prosperous period, and then went on to work with the greatest names in the rock world. Tony “T” Cardenas mounted his own “all-star show” in Las Vegas called, Monster Circus, which featured members of Twisted Sister, Ozzy, Quiet Riot, and Kiss, and then toured internationally with Slash.

Nope…we’re not done yet! Meet:

J.D. Greer

J.D. Greer was signed with “Universal Records” for eleven years, and is currently working on a new project written, arranged, and produced by himself. In 1999, J.D. Greer hit the ‘grand stage’ with his first professional show at the “Wango Tango” in Los Angeles, with the likes of Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Will Smith, Enrique Iglesias, and more! That summer he went on to sing at major venues across the country and has not stopped yet! J.D. Greer has also performed overseas in front of hundreds of thousands located in Europe, Japan, and India.

Last, but never least, The Perfect Storm Showcase at “Hollywood Highlands” will present:

The Crimson Red

The Crimson Red was formed in early July of 2008 by front man, Noe DeLeon, and guitarist, Joel Karschner. Since then, The Crimson Red has gained a massive fan base in a very short period of time. With driving guitars and melodic electronics enveloping a truly unique style of singing, it comes as no surprise that The Crimson Red is where they are now. In early 2010, The Crimson Red had support from Clear Channel radio stations being played in Denver, Colorado, and including Northern England. The response was so great that Slipknot producer, Colin Richardson, decided to mix and produce a four-song demo for The Crimson Red. The demo was then sent to “Sterling Sound Studios” in New York to be mastered by Grammy-award-winning engineer, Ted Jensen. The Crimson Red has performed in large venues and small, with crowds ranging from four hundred to over two thousand true believers! They have performed with a literal “who’s who” of the music industry including, Smashing Pumpkins, Godsmack, 30 Seconds to Mars, Disturbed, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Taproot, Chevelle, Ludacris, Lil’ John, The Eastside Boys, Cypress Hill, Our Lady Peace, Orgy, Cold, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and many more.

As you can see, gang, The Perfect Storm Showcase is the ULTIMATE event! Vox Media Management and Clear Channel, are two extremely fantastic companies. With Vox, whether your interest lies in looking for management, a producer for your next music project, or a producer for your next event, they offer it all! With a tremendous team, Vox collaborates with each and every artist to form a synergistic energy that propels careers into the stratosphere. Their only priority is an artist’s success, which can be seen through VMM’s professionalism, morality, integrity, hard-work, and determination.

Clear Channel is a global media and entertainment company that specializes in mobile and on-demand entertainment, as well as information services for local communities and premiere opportunities for advertisers.

Therefore, the “teaming up” of these two companies makes for truly extraordinary events!

Let’s face it, on August 5th, 2011, beginning at 9:00 p.m., there will be no place on Earth you will rather be than at the “Hollywood Highlands.” On that night, you will be able to listen to sheer entertainment powerhouses, and enjoy some very cool “star-gazing” of your very own!

Celebrate the Summer of 2011in Style with The Perfect Storm Showcase!

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More to come, thank you!

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Happy Independence Day 2011!

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Happy 4th of July, (Independence Day USA) Here’s to Freedom!


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