Sunday, February 20, 2011

Matt J. Doyle aka Matt Doyle or Matthew Doyle Website & On the Set!

Hello Everyone!

Moving on to my New Year's resolutions, I have just signed with a new commercial agent & we are looking forward to more success in the New Year. Also my focus has been geared towards the production of the Web Series as TV show - “The Artist’s Process”. As the series creator and principal actor, I have a lot of performances in the upcoming series. In Episode Three, I was Detective Curtis in 2 scenes. You may see the trailer & reels of mine on YouTube Channel:

Meanwhile, I am still working on the theatrical representation. I am sure I will be picked up soon as my acting skills are improving tremendously. I am ready for any principal roles that may come my way in Commercials, Web, TV, & Film!

While working on “The Artist’s Process” web series, I realized that these areas are crucial to make the production a success:


Passion cannot easily be faked, and faked passion cannot be long maintained. When we’re creating this project or preparing for the campaign, we’re likely not getting paid. We’re working crazy hours, late into the night, for months on the same project. Some of that work will be boring (making budgets, calculating expenses), some of that work will be frustrating (wrangling people and their schedules) and some of it will be infuriating (the re-write of scenes). Without a burning passion for the production, it is be difficult to complete all that needs to be done, much less maintain high quality.

Passion is also of critical importance On-Set/At the Table:

Whether we are a Writer, Producer, Director, Creator or all of the above, on the production, we are all a leader. The tone we set will infect everyone else working on the production. If you come to set filled with excitement, it will lift spirits and motivate others to participate to the best of their ability. Our passion and enthusiasm are signals to the team that something awesome is going down. If that passion is genuine and lasting, others will join us and help pull the project to be the best, and most fun, it can be.


In a production campaign, there are a lot of roles to fill - we just can’t do it alone. We need to find a team of great people. We need actors, a director, camera, lighting, sound, etc. etc. But whether we need three people or twenty people, we need the best possible people. We need people who are enthusiastic about the project and great at what they do, who collaborate and play well with others, and who are willing to take on more than just their narrow role in order to ensure the success of the production.

The best people can be had, but it takes time and work to find them. And, once found, they can sometimes be in conflicts, schedule-wise. You see, the best people are in great demand. They are busy. Scheduling a lot of the best people to work together on a project can be a nightmare. But if we can make it happen, all that work will be absolutely worth it. The best people will inspire each other to be their best. The best people will raise the quality of our production to a higher level than it would be without them! It takes absolutely blessings to do so.


Preparation is the key to turning our passion and best people into a successful web series production. All of the talent and passion in the world don’t get you very far if, when they show up to set or to the table, we have no plan. Careful, detailed planning ahead of time allows us to focus on each task/encounter as it comes, field questions from our people, and troubleshoot when the need arises (and it will). It’s not always the most fun part of the gig, but it is an absolute must if we want our project to go smoothly.


Yes, we all do lots of things in this life about which we are less-than passionate. Our production should not be one of them. It takes time and money to complete a production project. If we are not deeply passionate about it, our experience and end product are going to suffer for it.

In the end, all project creators have very similar jobs: to bring a bunch of talented specialized people together to tell a compelling story over a period of time. The job can be great fun and incredibly rewarding, at least I’ve found it to be so.

Best wishes to you, your family, & friends as always!


Matt J. Doyle aka Matt Doyle or Matthew Doyle!