Thursday, May 11, 2023

Shoot Pic, Video Season 18, Episode 2. TAP Interviews!

The picture above is of guest Medge Jaspan who appeared on Season Eightteen, Episode Two of TAP Interviews Web, TV Show Series Promoting her Art, Clothing & Healing Career!

This was a live stream event recorded on Facebook, YouTube & eZWay TV. It was streamed live @ 2:00 pm (PST/USA) time on Sunday 05/07/2023. On Facebook Platform, as well as YouTube Platform, & eZWay TV.

Medge Jaspan is a French American abstract painter and Positive Psychology & Metaphysical practitioner. She was born and raised in France. After an accident left her bedridden for four months, Medge realized that creativity was an asset to express her joy and gratitude for life. She also recognized the importance of being fully authentic to embrace her greatest strengths and gifts and be happy daily.

Medge is passionate about quantum physics and energy, which she uses in her vegan clothing line and artwork. She enjoys texture and pearls and captures the healing power of the ocean and colors in her creations.

Medge uses many modalities to help people unveil their true potential, embrace their greatest strengths and gifts, and thrive on managing the unexpected.

Medge create “What Else is Possible to Live from Your Heart”: a 3-Month and 6-Month program for people who are going through life challenges physical, mental, and emotional to heal the root cause of their discomfort, experience emotional release and discover who they truly are.

"On Earth, everything is energy; therefore, have frequency and vibration. I am gifted to see, feel, and move ENERGY to transform reality. I am Medge Jaspan; I use my gift in art, and with my vegan, wrinkle-free wearable art line of clothing, I also use it in therapy and healing. We can meet virtually or face-to-face at my Holistic Healing and Wellness Center in Longboat Key, Florida. We have a Medbed and Tachyon Chamber to restore and enhance your life force and bring back sanity in your mind and health in the body and soul. With me, you will master letting go of the past, trauma, and abuse. Ready to transform your reality? Ready to transform your whole reality with Art, Clothing, and healing".

This video is the last one done for her.

Following Is the edited YouTube Video for this episode!

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