Friday, May 10, 2024

eZWay Mega Pitch Party 5-9-2024 Summary!

We started out the May 9th 2024 Pitch Party with Eric Zuley the Host welcoming everyone & emphasizing how this was going live on LinkedIn & eZWay family Facebook groupeZWayFamily.Com

The other hosts Empress the Business goddess & Wild Flower the celebrity empire builder hosted the event.

Dr. Eric Zuley Founder and CEO of eZWay Network showed us how to use eZWayNetwork.Com & set up an eZWay Profile. Next, all the new attendees got the their chance to spin to win from the wheel of opportunity they call it, which new eZWay member Wendy Lyon won a $1500.00 valued interview. Eric then asked participants to post in the chat what they do & how they could help people. There was a variety of answers, over 70 responses, everyone that attended seemed to respond.

We then went to the breakout rooms.

During the Breakout rooms Flash h Bugatti joined the party. Then we had our first magical moment when Eric noticed celebrity Kathleen Bradley from “Barker’s Beauty” on the CBS daytime game show The Price is Right, & movie Friday. Kathleen came on & delighted the audience.

Eric talked shared more about eZWayNews.Com and then we continued the party as people came back from the breakout rooms with big smiles on their faces via the networking they received.

James Zuley talked about mentioning eye tests provided to children as well as a vision for their future program. Dr. Zuley announced they would give away a prize for those who stay until the end. He also showed appreciation to the affiliates that went above & beyond logging in. These were the following.

Matt J. DoyleJacalyn PriceLaurice AdamsLindsay RoseTim StewartWendy WeberBeverly ZeimetCarmelita PittmanCassidy Torrey & Brian Sebastian.

They then went into the Platinum members pitches, starting with Beverly Zeimet. She talks about her experience with eZWay, her Metaverse & event coming up with eZWay Network in Aug., and recently launched, podcast on Next, we have Matt J. Doyle who talks about how eZway has helped him & IMDb services. Go to MattJDoyle.Com to find out more.

Eric appreciates those who Invited others to the party.

We then had the following speakers pitching.

1. Terry Gonzalez Promoting ASEA. 2. Dr Grant – AcademyOfWellness.Com 3. Chuck Anderson – Upcoming eZWay Workshop Host. 4. Susan Postnikoff – Author, Newley signed eZWay Plat member 5. Beejel Parma – VA for $5 per day! 6. Mona Tenjo – AI & eZWay Expert. 7. Jacalyn Price – Healthy water distributor, The Water Woman.

Eric then talks about eZWay Podcasts and TV being on Apple, Amazon, & eZWay TV. Also eZWay TV & eZWayi Apps are available on Android.

We then had the following speakers pitching.

1. Wendy Adams – Dolly Parton Impersonator. 2. Jim Bannon – Offline world to online presence. 3. Kristine Grant – Relationships coach. KristineGrant.Com 4. Carlos Ruiz – eZWay CRM Management. 5. Beverly Zeimet -Metaverse, Podcaster, Praises Carlos and eZWay. 6. Albert Corey – Increase your profits. 7. Regina Andler – Business consultant. 8. Wendy Weber – Songbird Lady, Katherin Kovin Pacino song tribute. 9. Wendy Lyon – Debt relief. 10. Timothy Mabry – Author. 11. Tim Stewart – Brain health. 12. James Zuley – BVCCharity.Org 13. Sheri Mills – alternative Medicine. 14. Vandanna – Marketer & Strategist. Unique Women Program. 15. Nicole Borghi – Podcaster, Coach 16. Ted Hollander – CPA in Chicago. 17. Steve Reed – Executive Coach. 18. Susan Jarema – Co-Founder Grand Connections.

Mona comes back & talks more about eZWay. Cion Fludd talks about a Networking Mixer. People talk more about the second Breakout room. We then had the following speakers pitching.

1. Jeff Veale – The Business Guru. 2. Susan Jerema – Connections through Collaboration. 3. Denise Estelle – Mother’s & Father’s Day Awards Promoter. 4. Maureen Smith – Entrepreneur. Women’s Millionaire TV Show. 5. Timothy Mabry – Author. 6. Eugene Mandelcorn – Movie Distributor. 7. Carmelita Pittman – RBLLive.Com 8. Dr. Anna Carter – Children’s non-profit. 9. Devon Devereaux – Company maintenance.

Cerdan A Smith in a magic moment pays tribute to Katherin Kovin Pacino, & talks about his upcoming event. Eugene Mandel talks about turning your ideas into films & video games. Randi Miller Attorney & Consultant helps connect you to get funding for projects. Another magic moment as celebrity Johnny Venokur talks about Katherin Kovin Pacino from Oklahoma. Eric talks about the magic of Katherin Kovin Pacino tributes. Everyone showed their love for Katherin Kovin Pacino by putting hearts on the screen.

We then had the second spin the wheel where Dr, Anna Carter won a Meet our Members Interview. Eric then talks about Runway Magazine running eZWay Magazine now, & how It’s going to make the Magazine even better. Dante Sears joins the broadcast & pays Tribute to Katherin Kovin Pacino. Johnny Vanokur talks more as well. Sumedha’s iPad chimes in to say hi! Then we end with Eric snapping pictures & thanking all 70 people 17 new for attending!



Written by: Matt J. Doyle

Best regards,

Matt J. Doyle
eZWay Network