Wednesday, October 2, 2019

New TV Show "ASK EZ!" in Pre-Production!

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*****UPDATE*****02/19/2020 - eZ has already shot a couple of Episodes.

Co-Executive Producers Eric Zuley & Matt J. Doyle bring you the new TV Show Series "ASK EZ!"

To see Ask Eric Web-page on Matt J. Doyle Official Website, Click on the following link!

Ask EZ! Official Web-Page!

EZ has worked with the creator of the Make A Wish Foundation, Kate Linder star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Trae Ireland Netflix producer/actor James Dentley Mentor for Les Brown, Berny Dohrmann, Chairman CEO Space, Voice president of Wells Fargo advisors, Lamborghini Champagne, Dominos Pizza, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, produced over 400 events, red and gold carpets, he was given the Robert Novak Award by Congressman Brad Sherman and Judy Chew, Given the Digital Trailblazer award by Hollywood Weekly Magazine, Published by Actors Reporter as one of the Top Ten Social Media Influencers in the world.

He's been on over 10 covers of magazines, he is the author of "The Influence Effect" a soon to be Amazon Best Seller when it releases he's had his own billboard on New York's Times Square, Produced over 8 tv shows and acted in 8 movies, he was the face of Axe Body Spray acting as the MUSIC STAR for the brand. The commercial aired all over south america. via his IMDB accredited shows The EZ Show and EZ TALK LIVE he's has interviewed over 1500 celebrities business owners and CEO's.

He is the founder of eZWay Broadcasting, Inc which had 4 divisions, Media, Events, Fundraisers, Promotions and marketing. His TV network eZWay Network TV powers 100 + channels on Roku, Amazon and AppleTV, Google Chrome, IOS and ANDROID reaching 15 million monthly eZWay Network is also Google Ad Certified. Eric developed an influencer program called the eZWay Wall of Fame with some of top actors, speakers, authors, producers, Ceo's and more... Cold Heat News coined Mr. Zuley has the Digital Dick Clark

Eric's become the portal between multimedia and business to business, he specializes in Influence acceleration.

Matt J. Doyle eZWay Client Testimonial!

Eric Zuley 2019 Speakers Sizzle!

Eric Zuley 2016 official sizzle reel!

Eric 'EZ' Zuley Sizzle Reel The EZ Way!

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