Saturday, January 26, 2019

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fight Night @ Staples Center Los Angeles, CA USA!

Hi everyone, please see above for a couple of Muay Thai Kickboxing Images.

We are currently in the process of organizing a Muay Thai Kickboxing Fight Night @ Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA USA!

Also, I just want to be upfront & honest with you guys, we're in the process of Real Estate Deals to fund it, or we will work out some other way!

We're inviting the current King of Thailand, & a Muay Thai Kickboxing Master selected by the King! We also have a full Fight Card.

Following are a couple of pictures of a King of Thailand, & Military personnel!

The Exhibition Fight @ the end of the night, will be the Thai Master, versus me, (Matt J. Doyle) I'm currently a 4th Degree Trainer, with the World Kickboxing Association, (WKA), & Bob Jones Martial Arts!

To find out more about these organizations, please feel free to visit the following websites!

(WKA) World Kickboxing Association! & Bob Jones Martial Arts!

We're looking forward, to a spectacular, beautiful fight night, & after party, where I'll also be the DJ Most likely! Our intention is to aid Muay Thai to become mainstream, around the world, along with Uplifting Trance Music!

Here's a video example of the Uplifting Trance Music we'll be playing!

In addition, please check out my Martial Arts web-page, to see more about Kickboxing, etc.

Matt J. Doyle Kickboxing!

Until next time…

Thank you for visiting,

Matt J. Doyle

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