Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to become a producer of a web series?

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I hope you're doing well today! So the question is, how do I become a Producer of a Web Series?

Well I can tell you from experience It's not always as easy as it sounds. I know this as I have Produced a Web Series called The Artist's Process, speaking from experience you need to have some funds to pay for your production.

There are different ways you can raise funds, such as using crowd funding favorites like Kick-starter or Indie Go Go. I was lucky enough to have enough funds to Produce Season #1 of my Series, however due to costs I had to stop Production. I am now trying to do a Season #2 pick-up raising funds through advertisers (Google ad-sense) Kick-starter and Indie Go Go, as well as the support funding option for fresh content of videos on YouTube. The costs associated with Producing a Web Series vary depending on your situation. For example you will need a cast, crew and equipment to film your series. I hired a Crew for a very reasonable price, as well as a Director. The Crew had all their own equipment.

I paid the Crew including the Director a negotiated rate that they accepted, and gave the Actors/Artist's Copy, Meal and Credits on IMDb. The Crew Cameraman also Edited the Footage. You Could save money if you had your own camera and equipment such as boom microphone and lights etc, and could edit the footage yourself. You could also Direct yourself and have a couple of friends for crew to help you. Your budget depends on your situation and how much funding you have.

To start the process you can set up a YouTube account for free to upload your videos. See here for my YouTube Channel - Matt J. Doyle YouTube. If you can, also build a Web Page such as this one - The Artist's Process and take advantage of other free pages such as IMDb, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or other current sites to promote your series. Then you can use Your Facebook when you have one to start promoting your Series.

You can use LA Casting or Actors Access to advertise for Artist's to audition for your show, unless you just want to utilize your friends. The way I do it is I make sure the Artist's have at least a Facebook account so I can promote them on that platform. Again you can check out my Show's Facebook to see how I do it. So to recap you can start a Series and promote it for very little or next to nothing depending on your situation. If Artist's are Union you will need to go to the SAG-AFTRA FAQs.

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