Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How does it feel to be an actor?

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I hope you're doing well today! So the question for this article is, how does it feel to be an actor?

Well I can tell you from my own experience that it feels great! If you read my previous article on How to Become an Actor or Actress, you would most likely notice that I do have knowledge of the acting industry, as well as producing and being an entrepreneur with setting up my internet presence and integrating (Google ad-sense) etc as well.

In actual fact I've been modeling and acting since 1991. My official acting training started at The Actors Center Australia in 1997. When I say that, this was my first official acting school. Any way as the story goes I felt this incredible feeling of freedom and liberation when I first decided to pursue my passion and dream as an artist in the performing arts industry, which clearly was to be an performer and producer in all Motion Pictures. (Including Film, Television, and Web Series). The only thing I regret is that I didn't go to College when I was in my youth, however I'm back finishing that up now at nights and on the weekend. This also feels very satisfying.

My goal is to obtain a Degree in Marketing as well as to be Consistently working as an actor, hopefully world wide. So right now I'm all set up to continue my acting career, with my personal website, all my social media, and sites for my agent to submit me for commercial and theatrical roles. (Theatrical means Film and Television) If you read my article on How to Become an Actor or Actress, you will see which sites are needed to assist anyone with an acting career.

The feeling I have today about what I have accomplished and what I'm about to accomplish as an actor is a feeling of content and optimism. I'm very excited about acting in a couple of my own Web Series productions, and possible short films and movies, as well as other people's productions. I feel great knowing that even though I'm now a middle aged man, my future still looks bright! I still feel like a man in my youth, and the possibilities in life are endless! I still enjoy listening to the latest music, and keeping up with all the latest fashions and trends.

Being an actor who's job is to prepare before going on set to shoot does take some discipline, as you have no boss to answer to and the director or producers won't say anything to you if you haven't prepared properly. They just may not hire you again. So that feeling of anxiety before you turn up to set needs to turn into excitement, knowing you have prepared for your part and will do well. The feeling on the set is also very vibrant as you are around a lot of creative people. You also need to be patient as it takes time to get ready and to shoot the scene. Usually they shoot many takes before the scene is complete, however when you are done you feel a real sense of accomplishment.

When you are not working as an actor you should keep the positive optimistic feeling going. In addition preparation of yourself is very important. When I say this I mean to practice, spend time with an acting coach, and go to the gym as well as eating reasonably healthy. So overall if your passion is to be an actor, that's great. I'm sure if you work hard at it your dream could possibly become a reality!

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