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How do actors and actresses get their starts?

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I hope you're doing well today! So the question for this article is, how do actors and actresses get their starts?

We all have to start somewhere in the acting industry, and it's usually at the bottom wrung of the ladder. Many famous actors and actresses who went on to become movie stars started in minor television or commercial work roles, and then went on to appear in there first movies. For example Julia Roberts got a part in the movie Satisfaction in 1988 and then went on to Star in the movie Pretty Woman along with Richard Gere. This movie created fame and fortune for Julia. Nicholas Cage got his first minor role in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982. Jennifer Lawrence, an actress from the modern era, landed her first major role on the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show from 2007-09. She later starred in the independent drama Winter's Bone in 2010, while her first commercial success was the superhero film X-Men First Class in 2011. She has since gone on to fame and fortune starring in The Hunger Games franchise.

As you can see, most actors and actresses have started in small roles before going on to bigger ones, leading to their fame and fortune. Personally I have been in the acting industry here in the USA since 2008. I started off as an extra on Grey's Anatomy. Since then I have worked on several TV commercials, my biggest one was for The History Channel. I have also had a couple of minor television roles, the biggest one was Ray Donovan as a LAPD Cop, with a couple of lines. I have also starred in my own web, TV show series for one season. You can check my IMDb for my list of credentials. Although this doesn't show some roles for short films that I have worked on. You can see my full resume here. knowing this information it is imperative for me to remain optimistic as I move towards my first mainstream movie role. If I land one it should lead to bigger and better things!

While it is every actor or actresses dream to walk the glitzy and glamorous red carpets as big time celebrities in the spotlight, every actor or actress had to start somewhere. Some artist's got their start due to being in a talent contest or showcase and then getting noticed. From there they went on to obtain fame and fortune. Others already had a famous family member, such as Miley Cyrus, her father Billy Ray Cyrus was already a famous artist. Miley went on to star in television shows and movies with the help of his fame and fortune. The process an actor or actress usually has to go through to achieve fame and fortune is by getting a start at the very beginning. A most famous artist that started as an extra was the great Brad Pitt, he is now enjoying the status of one of today's most highly paid and sought after actors.

If you don't want to start as an extra you could obtain an agent and audition for commercials, web series, TV shows, and movies. From the information that you have read here, if you get a decent agent they should send you out to audition for small parts in the beginning, however these may lead you down the road to your fame and fortune. This is what I'm doing now as an actor. Auditioning for suitable roles, to build my credits in hope that it will build a greater career as an actor. If you would like to become an actor or actress you can read my blog article on this here.

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