Sunday, September 27, 2020

2nd Annual eZWay Wall of Fame Awards, God's Virtual Golden Carpet!

Hi everyone!

On Saturday 9/26/20 Team eZWay staged Its 2nd Annual eZWay Wall of Fame Awards first ever of Its kind, God's Virtual Golden Carpet! Team eZWay are the first ones to ever do a Carpet Virtually, and Mr. Eric Zuley is proud that this is God's Golden Carpet!

The Blog Picture is of Matt J. Doyle praying before walking the Carpet and Conducting Interviews for TAP Interviews and Team eZWay!

The event was Brought to us by Billionaires Elite TV. It was so awesome that we were able to help everyone shine their light brighter and brighter.

Following is a link to a Google Photo Album from the event!

God's Virtual Golden Carpet!

Following is a Re-Cap Video by Mr. Eric Zuley.

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