Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Great Caesar Banquet Hall City Gala 2020!


Hi everyone!

I recently attended the City Gala, as a Host @ The Great Caesar Banquet Hall in Tujunga CA, with my friend & cameraman Zakhar Grishcak on, February 9th, 2020!

I was invited by Mr. Eric Zuley of eZWay Network. Zakhar came as a Media Photogropher.

This event was an amazing success!

Zakhar & I attended the Red Carpet, & then attended a ballroom speech by Richard Dreyfuss, & saw Demi Moore awarded, plus Interviewed!

We also made many new friends @ the event, thanks to all the help from team eZWay!

Following is a link to an Interview I did, with Richard Dreyfuss & Svetlana Stella Dreyfuss Wolf.

It appeared a good time was had by all.

Following is a Blog by team eZWay with some great Pics!

eZWay Blog City Gala @ The Great Caesar Banquet Hall

I hope all is well in your life, & that you're in good health.

Thanks for your visit!

More pics & videos to come.


Matt J. Doyle