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Victoria Sanchez on S:22 E:8. Tap Interviews!

The picture above is of guest Victoria Sanchez (EWOF) who will be appearing on Season Twenty Two, Episode Eight of TAP Interviews Web, TV Show Series Promoting her Services & Career!

This will be a live stream event, being recorded & going live on Facebook, YouTube & eZWay TV. It will be streamed live @ 2:00 pm (PST/USA) time on Sunday 6/9/2024. On Facebook Platform, as well as YouTube Platform, & then being posted on eZWay TV.

Your Host for this episode is Matt J. Doyle.

Victoria Lynn Sanchez is a motivational speaker, author, TREE (Trauma Reversal Edification Expert), and spiritual shaman dedicated to helping individuals find inner healing and purpose. She bridges the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Her journey began in 2019 when she faced a life-threatening experience due to a flesh-eating bacterium, leading to a profound Death Experience.

Just a year later, Victoria encountered the devastating loss when her son Cody was tragically shot and killed, inspiring her to initiate the #1momsmemorialride in his honor. Victoria embarked on a transformative path, riding her ATV over 10,000 miles with her loyal, late furbaby, Niaya in prayer and meditation to seek inner peace and solace from the turmoil caused by grief and trauma. This journey of tragedy, grief, and deep healing became a catalyst for her rebirth and enlightenment, guiding and inspiring many others along the way.

With an extraordinary ability to sense people's energy, Victoria employs a blend of principles from self-discovery, neuroscience, bio-geometry, and quantum theory to support others in harmonizing their bio-rhythms with their circadian rhythms and aligning their five senses with the five elements. Certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Frequency Tapping) Meditation, Hypnosis, and an Elite Mentorship Trainer with Peter Sage, Victoria also practices sound bowl healing, SSIC (SalutoGenic Semantic Iterative Communication), and SCM (Source Code Meditation), further enriching her holistic approach to healing.

The healing journey she took in writing her book gave her time to reflect, sit with herself, allowed time for her nervous system to calm down, and opened the neuro-pathways in her brain to bring clarity to her vision and her mission in life.

Through her impactful books, transformative courses, personalized coaching programs, and motivational speaking engagements, Victoria empowers individuals to shatter limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential across all facets of life. Her unique insights and compassionate guidance have touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them a pathway to healing, hope, and profound transformation.

This is a Jingle Victoria came up with:

Victoria is the TREE (Trauma Reversal Edification Expert). Bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Doing it the Ezway!

The following are her web links:

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Victoria Sanchez Official Website

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