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Dedication To the Late Katherin Kovin Pacino!

It is with my deepest condolences that I am saddened by the passing of Katherin Kovin Pacino. A member of the eZWay Family & Dear friend who I have peronally interviewed.

Katherin Kovin Pacino was the stepmother to Al Pacino. Katherin Kovin Pacino was an actress best recognized for Mansion Of Blood with Gary Busey. Katherin was working on new jewelry line K-Kovin which features unique and classy pieces. Katherin Kovin Pacino was also working on 2 new books and her tv show and podcast.

Katherin Kovin-Pacino, was born in Chicago, and raised in St. Louis. Her parents, jewelry store chain owners, moved to North San Diego County when she was a young teen. At that early age. she knew absolutely that she wanted to be an actor! She worked in her father's jewelry business and excelled in the drama classes at her Orange Glen High School.

Katherin's strongest memories when growing up are of their stressing of the values of honesty and attention to detail and hard work in her daily life, attitudes that have made her so many friends in the business world. After high school, she left for Hollywood to seek her fortune. Within a few years, she married P. Sterling Radcliffe, who worked with Barry White, writing and producing the quadruple-platinum record. "You are My First Last and Everything," that he wrote for Katherin. That marriage ended some years later, but both remained life-long friends.

Katherin studied in Hollywood at the Lee Strasberg Acting Academy. mentored by Dominic DeFazio from New York Actors' Studio, where she learned method acting. To supplement her studies, she learned the an of make-up and color, and with her expertise in sales, she worked showing clothing and exclusive skin care products. Later, she worked for Marty Licker, entertainment CPA, where she began to make inroads into the entertainment industry.

Marty worked with such celebrities as James Caan, Gary Sinise, Jeff Wald. and he introduced Katherin to many other notables in the acting world. She soon met Sal Pacino. father of Al Pacino, and they married shortly thereafter. They worked as an acting team (until his death in 2005) in such projects as Simon Bolivar-Path to Glory, that was filmed in Caracas, Venezuela, with her then-manager, Bob DeBrino, who was a producer from CAA. Today, Katherin is happily married to William Lashbrook and they are represented by their team Avenue Entertainment Management, better known as AEM. Katherin is excited for the continuing strength and bright prospects for the entertainment industry.

Following are my two best Interviews with Katherin.

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May Katherin rest in peace, with the Lord, family & friends in Heaven!

Best regards,

Matt J. Doyle
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