Thursday, September 10, 2020

Guest, Season 9, Episode 5. TAP Interviews!

Hi everyone!

The picture is of guest Valerie Vibar, who is set to appear on Season Nine, Episode Five of TAP Interviews Web, TV Show Series!

This will be a live stream event, being recorded & going live on Facebook, & eZWay Roku Channel. It will be streamed @ 1:00 pm (PST/USA) time on Saturday 09/12/2020. On this Media Platform, as well as eZWay Roku TV Platform.

Please see
Google Photo Album for more pics.

Valerie & Host Matt J. Doyle, will discuss all things Valerie Vibar, including promoting her Show called the Val Show.

The Val Show is a music and comedy show produced by Valerie Vibar, and it showcases some big names in the LA comedy and music scene. Aside from that, it's also an open mic which helps in the discovery of new talent and promotes freedom of expression.

The aim of the Val Show is to empower talents and to create a community where people support each other.

Currently, the Val Show is helping fund a film which focuses on empowering women and the stand up comedy scene.

Next show is on Sept 12, 5-8pm at Norma O Houston Park in LA.

For the sign up sheet, it's The Val Show Sign Up Sheet.

Since this is a fundraiser, it's 5$ to join the open mic for 5 min and 8$ for 10. For more info, please look at the sign up sheet.

To keep updated on all things Valerie Vibar, please visit the following link to her Instagram.

Valerie Vibar Instagram

The Recorded Episode Video will later also appear on all TAP Interviews, & other available Media Platforms, Including the eZWay Network!

We're both excited about appearing on this episode!

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