Thursday, May 2, 2019

OMNI Cultural TV Festival, in Partnership with Natpe, Egyptian Theater HOLLYWOOD 2019!


Hi there!

I attended the OMNI Cultural TV Festival, in Partnership with Natpe, @ the Graumans Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles on Wednesday May 1st 2019!

Appearing in the pictures above, in order are Matt J. Doyle, Eric Zuley of the eZWay Network, & Dr. Dante Sears.

I was officially Invited to this event as a VIP by Mr. Eric Zuley. I am very greatful for his Invitation.

The above pics were taken & chosen personally by myself (Matt J. Doyle).

We're all so extremely happy we got to attend this Major event!

The main purpose of attending this event for myself, was to work the Red Carpet being especially photographed by Getty Images, & to announce in my interview that, The Artist's Process Web, TV Show Series will soon be airing on the eZWay TV Network!

You can click on the following link, to see us all on Getty Images, this is their portrayal of this amazing event!

Omni Cultural TV Fest VIP Party The eZWay on Getty Images!

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