Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mark Rowe of the Prestigious International, Soul Central Magazine - Go Global or Stay Local!

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My good friend Mark Rowe is the CEO, Founder, and Director of Soul Central Global Magazine! Mark Currently Resides in London, United Kingdom.

"Mark Rowe is the real deal. He has over 30 years of internet marketing, fundraising and social media networking experience. An artist, by nature and a business man by trade, Mr. Rowe is someone to count on to make this world a better place. Although, he resides in London, England, he is and has always been accessible and available any time of the day or night to complete projects or take care of his clientele.

Mr. Rowe has an uncanny ability to share culture and business with people from various cultures and economic backgrounds. He cares and is dedicated to pursing earth friendly, technologically sound innovations and creative projects which have already impacted the world. Please consider this innovator, for he is one who will get the job done."

Personally, I have a connection with Mark on Facebook. He has been a very positive, encouraging, genuine Friend! Mark Responds and Communicates in a timely manner. I have also been involved in recent Live Broadcasts with Mark, and he is very responsive and supportive! I wish Mark all the Success in the World and truly encourage you to connect with him! Here in front of You is a great opportunity to get on the Front Cover of this Amazing Magazine!

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